Coaching & Companioning for Emotional Wellness, Intimacy & Relationships

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Boundary Builder:

Learn to love others without losing yourself


"Brian provides emotional CPR for those experiencing relationship distress. In a gentle, direct and compassionate manner, he helped me quickly get to the root of my issues and completely released my feelings of overwhelm and anxiety."
- Jennifer Gagnon

You deserve the same love you give to others.


It's cliche, but the truth is, between work and raising a family, you're a superwoman! But underneath the smile and go-go-go:

  • You feel selfish or guilty for putting yourself first

  • You get stuck in self-doubt, anxiety or overthinking

  • You feel invisible, like people don't really see the real you

What got you here today, is now exactly what's holding you back. So, it's time for a scary yet exciting change... to prioritize and discover the new you. For that, it's helpful to have a companion, confidante, and coach.

So you want to be free...


Hi, my name is Brian. I'm a former people-pleaser​, shy guy and introvert. I used to be the good kid in class who would never cause a fuss. One time, I was even too scared to ask to go to the bathroom, so I peed my pants in class!

For the past 6 years, I've been a coach, companion, intuitive empathic healer and confidante to highly self-reflective empaths, caregivers and leaders. I call them "space-holders", people who are always there for others. From moms, doulas and teachers, to a vice president, team leaders and a general manager - I've been privy to the secret challenges we all share. We all have insecurities and often let what other people think about us control our lives.


We all want to be at peace, free and confident to express our authentic selves without fear of judgment. That's where boundaries come in. Are you ready to free yourself from what other people think?


"Brian lovingly yet efficiently holds space and offers support as a companion, coach and healer for a variety of issues, including breakdown of communication in relationship, job transitions, life events, inner-child and self-esteem concerns and caregiver burnout to name a few."
- Sarah O'Neil

I guide you to the places within yourself that are hard to get to on your own. We uncover unconscious patterns and integrate unprocessed emotions so that you can live a free, confident and authentic life.



You're an ambitious and unconventional visionary. You're ready to prioritize your dreams and align your actions with what really matters to you so you can feel fulfilled and fully alive.

This is how your worth and power are expressed. You're ready to speak up for your limits and preferences, to ask for what you want, and build more authentic relationships. 





Self doubt and anxiety fade when you connect with yourself. You're ready to start trusting your gut, to get vulnerable and have challenging conversations. You're ready to be seen and authentic in all areas of your life.



You haven’t been able to get to the root of some recurring issues on your own. You're ready to access the challenging places within yourself, to make the unconscious conscious and hear the hard truths that will help you grow.



Healing is a journey of coming back into relationship with all parts of yourself. You're ready to cultivate even greater emotional intelligence, to work through triggers and liberate yourself from your reactive emotional conditioning.

Want to feel more like yourself?

mom with children - boundaries

As children, we learned to be hyper-attuned to others (to people please) to protect ourselves. 


As an adult, you end up not feeling like yourself because you're stuck operating from childhood protection mechanisms. Since survival trumps happiness, even though you consciously know better, you suppress your authentic self and present a false self to the world to avoid upsetting others and retriggering pain from your past.


The unprocessed emotional wounds of your past are like ammunition stored within your body. When you resolve (integrate) your emotions, there's no more ammunition to trigger. 


I didn't know I was an empath.


For a long time, I didn't realize how sensitive I was, that I'm what most people call an "empath" - someone who can feel what other people are feeling. I've learned that this gift can be a burden if you don't know how to harness it. Before I started practicing boundaries I would get overwhelmed easily and I was scared of getting triggered so I would avoid conflict at all costs.

I've been surrounded by people but still felt alone. A serious back injury causes me chronic pain, so I know what it's like to suffer silently, hurting on the inside while pretending everything is fine. 


My drive to heal my own physical and emotional pain led me to resolve much of my relational trauma integrating the work of Brene Brown PhD., Byron Katie, Dick Schwartz PhD., Gabor Mate PhD., Harville Hendrix PhD., Marshall Rosenburg PhD., Peter Levine PhD., Sue Johnson PhD., Adyashanti, Matt Kahn, Thomas Hubl, Brad Blanton PhD., Daniel Goleman, Michael Brown, Tara Brach, Kyle Cease, and more.


Shift from stress

to freedom

"There's something I've found inside of me that I can rely on no matter what; connection with life, love, me."

- Guna Saulite

"Working with Brian has opened my heart. I felt my innocence again. I started to play, have fun, joke, laugh and express myself again. "

- Sarah Smith


"I acknowledged sides of me that I thought died in childhood. I felt a sense of compassion towards the parts of me that I had been neglecting. Brian facilitated my journey, helping me to reconnect with sides of myself that I thought were lost. I was able to consciously form connections that I didn't see before. Random coincidences were no longer random from this alternative point of view. Other forms of therapy may not get you what you need on an energetic or spiritual level, but these are integral parts of Brian’s practice. Talking to Brian is like going back home - the soul feels soothed and accepted. Expect the unexpected. Approach each session as an opportunity to pull apart current expectations and assumptions you have about yourself, others, and the world then flip them on their head."

- Amanda Rassam

“When I came to Brian I was full of stories about why my life was one of suffering and pain. There was a deep inner knowing that I was whole and capable of anything, yet for reasons consciously unknown, I was experiencing extreme discomfort and my reality was very different from what I dreamed of. I’ve done beautiful work with Brian that shined light into the subtle depths of my strength. He helped me access aspects of myself that I would normally turn away from because I was scared. Brian is the embodiment of authenticity. He meets you exactly where you are, and will go with you as far as you’re willing to go within yourself. He does this with laughter and fun, and seriousness when it is called. I highly recommend working with him.”

- Sarah Smith


"When I met Brian I was dealing with numerous challenges in my personal relationships with all the important people in my life, from my own parents and young children to my husband and his family. I felt alone and carried a lot of guilt. Through some brutally honest conversations Brian guided me to many realizations on my own, such as that: I am not responsible for anyone's feelings, actions and decisions, but my own; that being kind and happy is a choice. Things were not easy for me, but with Brian's gentle guidance, I now feel free, fulfilled and loved, and I choose to be happy! 

- Zoia Nikolova

Create the New Version of You

  • What do you really want, just for yourself?

  • What kind of relationships do you want to create?

  • Who is the "old you" and who is the "new you"?


Areas of Focus


Sex, Dating & Intimacy

  • Work through codependent patterns to cultivate self-trust, self-respect and self-worth. We don't attract what we want, we attract who we are. Become a match to the relationship you deserve.

  • Open your heart and deepen intimacy with your partner. Shift away from criticism and frustration as you learn how to create the relationship you really want with confidence.

  • Better sex begins with emotional intimacy. Learn how to deepen emotional intimacy, cultivate psychological safety and inspire integrity, desire and presence in your partner. 

Free Yourself from What Other People Think

  • Use your relationship as a mirror for your self-development and liberation. Learn how to integrate challenging emotions like fear, grief and anger.

  • Learn how to stop judging yourself and others.

  • Become more resilient in the face of rejection and conflict.

Communicate Boundaries with Confidence

  • Free yourself from self-doubt and share how you really feel with greater confidence and clarity.

  • Value your needs and desires and learn how to stop taking responsibility for how other people feel.

Choose Your Journey




A 6 week journey intuitively guided to resolve the first few layers of your subconscious limitations and emotions. You'll leave feeling lighter, clear and connected to yourself.

A 12 week journey designed to dramatically increase your capacity and ability to deal with whatever life brings you. Deep dive into your bodymind to make space for the new you.





A 24 week co-created intensive designed to completely transform you and the quality of all of your relationships. Continually step into more of your potential and freedom.